The archaeological site of Pompeii, located on the slopes of the Vesuvio, is an unmissable attraction for those visiting the Campania region. The more fascinating detail of Pompeii, and the one that, from both the history and art point of view, makes it a unique place in the world, is the opportunity of being able to reconstruct, step by step, the daily life of the inhabitants of a village that a catastrophic event, such as the eruption of the Vesuvio, immortalized. 

In fact, Pompeii is the only Roman town we can today admire in its entirety: here it is not necessary "to imagine or reconstruct", based on more or less well-preserved ruins, but just "look". The sudden rain of ash and lapilli, and the resulting thick layer of dust, crystallized in time the entire place and its tragedy, preserving them for ever. Brought back to the surface it has become the second most visited archeological site in the world. In 1997 UNESCO has declared Pompeii "World Heritage". 

The remains of the ancient Roman towns of Pompeii and Ercolano, buried by the eruption of Vesuvio in 79 AD, offer an unparalleled example of society and daily life of classical antiquity, an evidence preserved almost intact for two millennia. Pompeii is easily reachable from the Hotel Sporting by the local train of the Circumv

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